I'm Not Hungry Anymore

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Childhood Hunger in the Permian Basin

I'm Not Hungry Anymore are the words scratched by a young boy on a survey issued by the founders of the Food 2 Kids program. The survey was intended for his parents, but this young boy, around 7 years old, filled out the survey himself. When asked "what can we do to serve you better?" the boy simply answered, "I am not hungry anymore."

Powerful words from a boy who no longer needed to worry where his next meal was coming from.


Tune in for the primetime premiere of I'm Not Hungry Anymore Thursday, Oct 13 at 8pm right after Growing Hope Against Hunger a Sesame Workshop special report at 7pm.

See below for additional airtimes.

The Face of Hunger

More than 8000 children in the Permian Basin often go without healthy meals on the weekends when they're not in school. Many eat lunch in the school cafeteria on Friday and don't eat again until Monday morning. Teachers witness children tucking part of their lunch away...saving it for Saturday or Sunday...or for a sibling.

The struggle with hunger exists close to home, affecting our neighbors, friends and families. The USDA estimates that 17 million American children - nearly 1 in 4 - are food insecure, meaning they have limited or uncertain access to affordable and nurtitious food. Of these children, more than half, 9.6 million, are under the age of six.

The Unexpected Local Causes of Hunger

Here in the Permian Basin, our vibrant economy camouflages the hunger plaguing families right next door. A booming ecomony means higher prices for homes and food. Those who are unemployed or underemployed get caught in the middle. These are families who may have become overextended while they had high paying oilfield jobs and can no longer afford to pay their mounting bills now that the job is not there. Maybe there's been a divorce. Maybe the parents simply aren't home to make healthy meals on the weekends because they're working 2 and 3 jobs.

Food 2 Kids

The Food 2 Kids program was created by the Junior League of Odessa in 2010 to help fill in the gaps - to help keep children properly nourished while parents get back on their feet. Volunteers meet one night a week to help sack healthy meals for hungry kids.

The program is rapidly growing, from feeding about 400 kids each week in 2010 to more than 1000 in 2011.

There are still 7000 more across the Basin without meals on the table.

You can help.

Volunteer: Contact Melanie Allen at Food 2 Kids to volunteer. 553-9025

Donate: Mail your Food 2 Kids donation the Junior League of Odessa, 2707 Kermit Highway, Odessa, Texas 79764.

Hunger among children is a national epidemic. Growing Hope Against Hunger is a primetime television special from Sesame Workshop which presents children's perspectives on food insecurity and illuminates the impact hunger has on families. Featuring Brad Pailsey, Kimberly Williams Paisley and teh Sesame Street Muppets, this one-hour special airs alongside I'm Not Hungry Anymore.


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